Simple Setup

Simple to Use

Whether you are currently performing blood screening, blood product screening, or you are TM considering to implement a new facility, Mylab and NATSpert system are here to simplify it for you with Compact x, the first ever machine to bring the entire lab in a box.
Starting a NAT screening laboratory can be challenging, with many considerations that do not TM apply to traditional serological testing. Mylab team with NATSpert system uniquely address these challenges to help you ensure a safer blood supply, always.

Fully Automated Sample-to-PCR ready Instrument

  • Automated extraction of the samples
  • Automated set up of PCR ready tube

Parallel Processing

  • Multiple sample types
  • Multiple parameters can be tested on the same platform
  • One cartridge - One Test
  • No pipetting, no manual handling
  • LIMS connectivity
  • Compact footprint of the machine