NAT screening System - Compact & Simple

NATSpert TM Platform

The Compact x is a sample-to-PCR ready system, that eliminates the huge infrastructure & capital requirement of molecular lab; the machine is designed to automate all operations from sample handing to PCR tube preparation. It is a system T M combined with NATSpert TM to reliably deliver accurate, and on-time results

  • Consideration of Indian data base of HIV, HBV and HCV virus strains for kit designing. Clinical trials done using samples from pan India. Thus NATSpert truly represents a unique solution for Indian blood screening needs
  • ID testing method is most appropriate to ensure sensitivity, reduce chances of error and missing detection of low virus Multiplex reaction in one tube saves time and costs
  • Complete CE compliance workflow from sample to detection. Analytical sensitivity and specificity correspond to the highest worldwide standards

Intuitive Technology


  • Most comprehensive test
  • Multi-dye nucleic acid technology
  • Complete system-guided work-flow

Ease of Use

Simple and Easy

  • Ready-to-use reagents
  • Minimal hands-on time
  • Reduced human errors

Reliable Test Results

Confidence you always need

  • The most comprehensive genotype coverage
  • Monitoring of each run by external control
  • Monitoring of each tube by internal control

Small on footprint, Big on Results

Confidence you always need

  • One room operation
  • Benchtop systems
  • Integration with LIMS for streamline worflow