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NATSpertTM Platform

The Mylab Discovery Solutions NATSpert ID TripleH detection Kit offers all in one qualitative multiplex RealTime PCR test for simulteneous detection and discrimination of HIV, HBV and HCV in a single tube format.

TM NATSpert ID TripleH is licensed by FDA for screening of Human Immunodeficiency Virus type 1 (HIV) Group-M RNA, HIV-1 Group-O RNA, HIV-2 RNA, Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) RNA and Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) DNA in human plasma specimens from individual human donors, blood products and suspected individuals.

The NATSpert provides viral nucleic acid extraction using Mylab’s proprietary magnetic bead technology. Extracted viral nucleic acid is further amplified using real time PCR technology for detection and discrimination of HIV RNA (HIV-1 Groups M and O RNA, HIV-2 RNA), HCV RNA (Genotype 1-6) and HBV DNA (Genotype A-H) . The test also incorporates a heterologous Internal Control (IC) to be processed during extraction and real time PCR for monitoring test performance for each individual sample, this ensures high reliability of NATSpert ID Triple H detection kit, with it's stringent quality check.

Mylab ensures highest accepted standards of sensitivity and specificity through it's NATSpert system.
The highly sensitive RTPCR technology, individual donor testing process, multiple quality checks with controls, high volume sample processing proprietary technology, combined with automation of Compact x by Mylab will ensures a high level of blood safety, across small, medium and large Blood banks.
  • HIV-1 genotype( A to H including AE and GH)
  • HIV-1 Group O RNA
  • HIV-2 RNA
  • HCV RNA (Genotype 1-6)
  • HBV DNA (Genotype A-H)
  • Sample to Result - 2.5 hrs
  • Flexible and Scalabe: From 40 samples per day to 1000 + per day


Based on the most sensitive hydrolysis probes RTPCR that are designed to increase the specificity.


Individual Donor (ID) NAT testing provides ultra-sensitive results; there is no compromise on the sensitivity.

Ease of use

'Direct to customer' individual sample cartridge based, on robust automated screening.


Simultaneous detection of HIV-1, HIV-2, HCV and HBV in a single tube.

Optimal Set of Controls

Monitoring quality performance of each individual test.

Full Automation

Includes all consumables required to perform sample to result analysis, eliminating manual errors.


Results in under 2.5 hrs starting from sample to result analysis.

Regulatory Compliance

FDA approved, manufactured under ISO 13485 Medical devices, adhering international GMP guideline gives you complete assurance on each test NATSpert Test performed.

NATSpertTM Features

Whether you are currently performing blood screening, blood product screening, or you are TM considering to implement a new facility, Mylab and NATSpert system are here to simplify it for you with Compact x, the first ever machine to bring the entire lab in a box.

Starting a NAT screening laboratory can be challenging, with many considerations that do not TM apply to traditional serological testing. Mylab team with NATSpert system uniquely addresses these challenges to help you ensure a safer blood supply, always.

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Maximize Benchtop Space

Mylab NATSpert system provides our latest advancements in compacting the entire molecular laboratory in a machine, allowing you to reduce space requirement. They’re designed for both new and experienced users who need simple and efficient NAT testing systems without compromising performance or quality.

With Mylab’s Compact x system, you can also perform additional parameters on the same system. All upcoming Mylab tests will be available to run on the same system. Just like NAT test cartridge, Other Mylab tests will be offered on similar cartridge
  • HIV Viral load
  • HBV viral load
  • HCV viral load
  • Pre-Operative screening test
  • CMV
  • HPV
  • Malaria
  • Syphilis
  • TORCH panel
  • Molecular Blood Grouping
  • Septicemia screening (Bacterial detection in blood) will cut short the TAT within 20hrs compared to lengthy existing techniques
  • Cancer marker detection
  • Infectious disease detection
  • Genetic disorder detection

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